Sundays @ 10:30am
Rundle School
11005-34 Street 
Edmonton, AB

Healing and Mentoring the Inner Man: Prayer Counselling Course


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Thursday PM:  Welcome; Goal and Role, Pt. 1 by Ruth

Play        Text          Triangle Diagram

Thursday PM: Goal and Role, Pt. 2


Friday PM:  "Evangelical Base of Law" Pt. 1

Play        Text          Diagrams

Friday PM:  "Evangelical Base of Law" Pt. 2


Saturday AM:  "Rejection"

Play       Text          Charts on Rejection

Saturday AM:  "The Wheel"

Play       Text          The Wheel Diagrams

Saturday Aft, first session:  "The Slumbering Spirit"

Play        Text         Diagram

Saturday Aft. second session:  "The Line"

Play                        The Line Diagrams

Saturday Aft. last session:  "The Octopus"

Play        Text         Octopus Diagram

Quiz One Download Quiz 



Thursday PM:  "Taking A History"

Play     Text   Don's Blank History Form

Friday PM:  "Renunciation and Performance Orientation"     

Play      Text

Saturday AM:  "Sexuality and Ministering to
The Gender-Confused"

Play      Text      Image of God Diagram   Cook Interview Stronghold Diagram

Saturday Aft. first session:  
"Healing the Sexually Abused"

Play      Text

Saturday Aft. second session:
"Ministering to the Depressed"

Play      Text      Temple Diagram

Quiz Two Download Quiz Two
Thursday PM:  "Burden-bearing, Pt. 1" Play      Text
Thursday PM:  "Burden-bearing, Pt. 2" Play
Thursday PM:  "Healing Pre-Natal Wounds, Pt. 1" Play      Text
Friday PM:  "Healing Pre-Natal Wounds, Pt. 2" Play 
Friday PM:  "Inner Healing and Deliverance" Play      Text
Saturday AM:  "Communications" - Lecture by Don Play      Workshop Booklet
Saturday AM:  "Communications" - Demonstration by Don and Ruth Play