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Lawton Jr. Highschool
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Sermon Series:
Topical Studies

All of our sermon series following Biblical topics are here, including:
 - What Love Looks Like
 - The Old Testament Story

 - Live the Transformed Life
 - Know Your Identity,  
       Walk in Kingdom Authority
 - Find Power in a Simple Church  
 - Develop A Personal Relationship with God 
 - Be the Church
 - Choose the Road to Financial Freedom  
 - The Battle
 - The Ten Commandments
 - Divine Guidance 
 - Financial Healing
 - Waking the Dead

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Sermon Series:
Books of the Bible


All of our sermon series following books of the Bible are here, including:  

 - Luke-Acts
 - The Pastoral Epistles
 - The Revelation  
 - The Battle
 - Gospel of John 
 - Letters of John 
 - Philippians 
 - Galatians 
 - Romans 
 - Letter to the Hebrews 
 - How to Study the Bible
 - Proverbs: Wise Man - Fool

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Single Topic Messages: 
2005 - Present


These are non-series messages from 2005 to the present.  

In addition to our own regular teachers, these archives also include occasional guest speakers from other places.

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Healing and Mentoring the Inner Man:  The Prayer Counselling Course

By Don and Ruth Rousu

Over the period of 20 years, this course has been taken live and in person by nearly 500 people at a cost of $250 per person.  As of January 2010, we are able to make this course available to anyone free of charge, including the text from the manual, audio recordings from live classes, and the extensive diagrams.   The audio lectures are meant to be heard in conjunction with the class notes in the student manual, so references will be made to the manual and the diagrams throughout the presentations.

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