Sundays @ 10:30am
Rundle School
11005-34 Street
Edmonton, AB


The Vision for Harvest describes a typical journey of someone moving from spiritual infancy to full spiritual maturity: 

Belong to His people, Believe in Jesus, and Become like Him.

This means that we commit ourselves to building bridges of relationship with those who do not yet know the Lord.  As God gives opportunity, we announce the presence and power of the Kingdom of God so that our friends can encounter His supernatural kingdom and experience it for themselves through the healing of sickness and disease, and by deliverance from all kinds of life-robbing addictions.   And finally, the love of Jesus compels us to nurture and equip our friends to lay hold of the full and abundant life He came to give us, so that we can all grow up into our true identity and God-given destiny in Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 

Outreach At Home

Hands for God House
This is a home dedicated to outreach in our church neighbourhood where people can find friendship and prayer.  The "Hands House" has become a centre of many activities, including small groups, and children and youth activities.

Porta Place Seniors Home

Visit and pray for the elderly in our neighbourhood. (4410-117Ave)
Mondays @ 1:30pm.

Tegler Youth Centre Partnership
Love and serve children and youth at Hope Mission's skate park in our neighbourhood. (3805-118Ave) Tuesdays @ 6pm.

Salvation Army Outreach Van Partnership
Help to serve women on the streets by delivering food, clothing, love and prayer. Thursdays @ 9:30pm.

Heroes Program
Every fall semester we taught the Grade 7 kids at Lawton about their gifts and abilities using the "Heroes" program by Impact Society. This year since Lawton is now closed, we are running the program for the Grade 7's and 8's at the new school in our neighbourhood, Ivor Dent from Sept 17-Dec 5/18!

Outreach Abroad

Compassion Canada

We have an incredible partnership with Compassion Canada, helping them to release children from poverty. Our church felt called to concentrate our efforts in the country of Nicaragua so many of the children we sponsor are from this beautiful country. With sponsoring, we feel we are all in this mission together whether we ever set foot in the country or not.

Interested in sponsoring a child? Click here for access to Compassion Canada's site.

Vineyard Churches in Nicaragua

We are connected with our Vineyards in Nicaragua seeking to serve them in reaching the poor in their communities. Our last trip in July 2016, was to invest in this partnership! There is much opportunity to join them in outreach and training up their many young leaders! 

A few Harvesters headed out on another trip to the country on July 15th of 2017! Ask us about it!

For more information on any of these outreach opportunities, please contact Charis at 


"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matt. 25:40

"All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along." Gal. 2:10